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As a start KeepRight may be used in english, german and brazilian portugese. New translations are welcome! The gettext template file is $1right here$2. Special thanks go to Rodrigo for this great idea!<br><br>Zunächst gibt es KeepRight auf deutsch, englisch und brasilianischem Portugiesisch. Weitere Sprachen sind willkommen! Das gettext-Template gibt es $1hier$2. Vielen Dank an Rodrigo für diese großartige Idee!<br><br>Como início, o KeepRight pode ser usado em inglês, alemão e Portuguẽs Brasileiro. Novas traduções são bem vindas! O arquivo com o modelo para gettext está $1bem aqui$2. Agradecimentos especiais para o usuário Rodrigo, por esta grande ideia!
this will be the news item announcing i18n-capabilities for KeepRight.
this section should appear in all three languages regardless what language
is chosen. So just add your part in the msgid
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Located in index.php:58
one of new, reopened, ignore_temporarily, ignore. You won&apos;t see any &apos;cleared&apos; errors because the dump contains active errors only. Temporarily ignored errors are issues fixed by a user who really hopes to have fixed it. Temporarily ignored errors will jump back in the &apos;new&apos; state with the next update if the error isn&apos;t really fixed. Ignored errors are issues that are simply false positives and should never come back just because KeepRight is wrong and this exception cannot be included in the ruleset.
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Located in interfacing.php:67
This is the scaffold for the error description where placeholders ("$i") stand in place of the actual values inserted by the concrete error instance. You may put this scaffold inside a GNU gettext() function to have it translated. GNU gettext requires a .po file that holds original and translated strings. You may use existing .po files from here:
There are leading/trailing spaces here. Each one represents a space character. Enter a space in the equivalent position in the translation.
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Located in interfacing.php:70
Please note that <em>schema</em> is a reserved word in MySQL, so you always have to quote it like this: `schema`
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Located in interfacing.php:108
The natural primary key consists of error_type, object_type, object_id, lat, lon. That means one type of error may be found on multiple spots belonging to one single object (eg. self-intersections of ways).
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Located in interfacing.php:112
The artificial primary key consists of schema and error_id. It is used just for simplicity of referencing individual error instances and it is completely redundant.
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Located in interfacing.php:114
As a waste-product the scripts create a file that contains the numer of nodes per square degree found in the planet file. Resolution is 0.1 degrees. You may download the file here:
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Located in interfacing.php:141
This dump file can be useful for statistics if you want to calculate an `errors per node` measure
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Located in interfacing.php:144
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