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Complex association|In this activity there are also two sets of information, but these may have a different number of parts and there may be different types of relation between them e.g.: one-to-one, various to one, parts without a relation, etc.
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Located in @associations.ComplexAssociation
Simple association|There are two sets of information that have the same number of parts. Each part from the original set corresponds to one, and only one, part of the image set.
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Located in @associations.SimpleAssociation
Finding pairs|Each of the pieces appear twice, but face down. In each go two pieces are turned over and are turned back over if they are not the same. The objective is to find all the pairs.
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Located in @memory.MemoryGame
Explore activity|An initial piece of information is shown and, upon clicking on it, a given piece of information is shown for each element.
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Located in @panels.Explore
Identify cells|There is just one set of information and you have to click on those parts that meet a certain condition.
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Located in @panels.Identify
Information screen|One set of information is shown and there is the option of activating the multimedia content for each piece of information.
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Located in @panels.InformationScreen
Double puzzle|Two grids are shown. One contains the disordered information and the other is empty. The object has to be rearranged in the empty grid by dragging the pieces one by one.
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Located in @puzzles.DoublePuzzle
Exchange puzzle|The information is swapped within the same panel. In each go two pieces swap position until the object is reordered.
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Located in @puzzles.ExchangePuzzle
Hole puzzle|In the same panel one piece is missing and the others are shuffled. In each go one of the pieces next to the empty space is moved until they are back in the original order.
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Located in @puzzles.HolePuzzle
Written answer|A set of information is shown and the corresponding text for each of its parts must be written.
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Located in @text.WrittenAnswer
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