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  • Dutch (Nederlands)
Bert de Bruijn
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n != 1
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The translation template was update once with a new version of gretl_commands.xml and according to the two additional tags for inline translation (see wiki-page for all tags for translation)/ ATTENTION: if you think that some strings should be changed i.e. some inline tags should be added or some tags should be excluded it is probably better to write that on the wiki page and notify the driver of this translation - after changing ald strings would be marked as fuzzy and we would have to manually import translations for them. The translation is done for the version 1.483 (previous translation was held for 1.479) of gretl_commands.xml and 1.138 of genr_funcs.xml. The links to download these files are:*checkout*/gretl/gretl/doc/commands/gretl_commands.xml?revision=1.483*checkout*/gretl/gretl/doc/commands/genr_funcs.xml?revision=1.138 With the help of the comment like "Located in doc/genr_funcs.xml:647" you can get the context of non-understandable strings. In some time I'll try to merge the non-complete translation and upload the new template with the translations of it. To list the troubles with the translation which are common to all the languages I suggest to use this page in the wiki: In the current template there are sme tags that should be translated inlined and maybe there are no some tags that should be translated - please add them to the lists on the page above.


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