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First, check the file format to make sure it's compatible with Miro - if you're on Windows, that it would play in VLC, and if you're on a Mac, that it would play on QuickTime v. 7. Second, check the file format of what you downloaded to make sure it's a video - the publisher might have put out some audio files (for example, .mp3 files), which of course do not include video. Third, check the size of the file you downloaded to ensure that it's not zero. If none of those work, the publisher is likely experiencing difficulties and may have published an invalid file.
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First, give Miro a moment to find all the available videos. It sometimes takes a minute or so after you first subscribe to a channel for all the images and videos to appear, though usually it happens right away (By the way, this is because there's a myriad of publishing and RSS formatting options.) Second, if the channel still doesn't show any videos, right-click (Mac: ctrl-click) on the channel name in the left-hand sidebar of Miro and select "Update Channel Now." This will refresh the channel and may cause new images or videos to appear. If no videos appear even after refresh, the channel is likely exeperiencing server difficulties.
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Also, don't forget that feeds have two sections that collapse and expand: Full Channel and Downloaded - don't forget to check those for videos that might have slipped your vision.
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The results are limited because every time you search, Miro is directly connecting to (or other service) for an RSS feed of results. The hosts limit the length of the RSS results (for a variety of reasons), so it isn't something we have direct control over.
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info on windows firewall) blocking Miro. The third thing is to enable UPnP on your router (google your router model + upnp).
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For technical questions, please check out the rest of this FAQ. If your question isn't answered here, then make sure you try the <link>help pages and post your question to GetSatisfaction (we see everything that gets posted there).
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We strongly believe that format wars among commercial entities have been a huge stumbling block to advancing internet video. The best way out of the "format wars" is to support as many formats as possible and users shouldn't have to think about formats at all. We will be adding support on a continuing basis for mp4, quicktime, AVI, Flash, and Windows Media.
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Miro is a free application that turns your computer into an internet TV video player. You can <link>download it here for Windows, Mac, or Linux. This release is still a beta version, which means that there are some bugs, but we're moving quickly to fix them and will be releasing bug fixes on a regular basis.)
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I subscribed to a feed but it's empty. The feed does not show any videos available to download.)
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for OSX
There are leading/trailing spaces here. Each one represents a space character. Enter a space in the equivalent position in the translation.
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