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A Lightweight SQL Database for Cloud Infrastructure and Web Applications

Other projects in Drizzle Umbrella Project

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Drizzle Client & Protocol Library
Drizzle Client & Protocol Library
wordpress drizzle plugin
Wordpress Drizzle Plugin
Drizzle Interfaces
Interfaces to Drizzle APIs
Drizzle Python
Python DB API for Drizzle
Drizzle Distributed Cluster Database
Drizzle PHP Extension
Drizzle PHP Extension
PDO Drizzle
A PHP PDO driver for Drizzle
libdrizzle packaging
Slap Benchmark
Chef Cookbook for Drizzle
General Purpose Storage Engine for Drizzle
Obsolete: Packaging scripts for Drizzle
Drizzle Cloud Data Fabric
Drizzle Cloud Data Fabric - Open Cloud Interoperability and Data Integration
Drizzle OSX packaging
Drizzle OSX packaging
Drizzle Tools
Command line tools using Libdrizzle
Drizzle Automation
The Drizzle Automation Project
Embedded InnoDB Packaging
Debian Packaging for Embedded InnoDB Library