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This module enables the use of libcurl in Tcl scripts. Please refer to the libcurl documentation available in the libcurl4-gnutls-dev package.
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Located in Package: tclcurl
Tcl extension implementing GeoIP lookup functions
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Located in Package: tclgeoip
A Tcl extension for geographic or organisational lookup of IP addresses and hostnames, by implementing bindings to the GeoIP C API. You can use this extension to query Maxmind GeoIP databases.
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Located in Package: tclgeoip
Standard Tcl Library
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Located in Package: tcllib
Tcllib, the standard Tcl library, is a collection of common utility functions and modules all written in high-level Tcl.
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Located in Package: tcllib
Modules included:
* aes: advanced encryption standard
* amazon-s3: Amazon S3 web service interface
* asn: an ASN.1 encoder and decoder
* base32: a base32 encoder and decoder
* base64: a base64 encoder and decoder
* bee: bittorrent serialization encoder and decoder
* bench: benchmark tool
* bibtex: parser for bibliographies in BibTeX format
* blowfish: blowfish encryption
* cache: asynchronous in-memory cache
* clock: date/time utilities
* cmdline: a command line argument processor similar to opt
* comm: remote communications facility
* control: procedures for control flow structures
* coroutine: coroutine utilities
* counter: provides a counter facility and can compute statistics
and histograms over the collected data.
* crc: checksum-calculation routines (crc32, cksum, sum)
* csv: functions to handle CSV (comma-separated values) data
* des: DES and 3DES encryption
* dns: dns- and resolver library-related functions
* docstrip: tools for literate programming, often used with (La)TeX
* doctools: documentation tools
* fileutil: Tcl implementations of some standard Unix utilities
* ftp: Tcl interface to the FTP protocol
* ftpd: implementation of functions needed for an FTP server
* fumagic: file utilities
* generator: Tcl generator commands
* gpx: GPS eXchange Format (GPX)
* grammar_aycock: Aycock-Horspool-Earley parser generator for Tcl
* grammar_fa: finite automaton operations and usage
* grammar_me: grammar operations and usage
* grammar_peg: grammar operations and usage
* hook: hooks
* html: generate and control HTML tags
* htmlparse: parse HTML strings
* http: HTTP protocol helper modules
* ident: client interface to the ident protocol
* imap4: IMAP client
* inifile: parsing of Windows INI files
* interp: interpreter utilities
* irc: low-level IRC protocol interface
* javascript: Tcl shortcuts to create common javascript functions
* jpeg: functions to query and modify JPEG images
* json: JSON parser
* lambda: utility commands for anonymous procedures
* ldap: LDAP client and extended object interface
* log: functions to log messages with various facilities and levels
* map: mapping utilities
* mapproj: map projection routines
* math: Tcl math library
* md4: md4 hashing functions
* md5: md5 hashing functions
* md5crypt: md5 based password hashing
* mime: a MIME encoder and decoder
* multiplexer: message multiplexing
* ncgi: a new CGI processing module
* nmea: NMEA protocol implementation
* nns: name service facility
* nntp: Tcl functions for the NNTP protocol
* ntp: functions for an NTP client
* ooutil: utility commands for TclOO
* otp: RFC 2289 a one-time password system
* page: parser generator
* pki: RSA public key encryption
* pluginmgr: plugin management
* png: functions to query and modify PNG images
* pop3: a POP3 protocol implementation
* pop3d: a POP3 server implementation
* profiler: a function level Tcl source code profiler
* pt: parser tools
* rc4: implementation of the RC4 stream cipher
* rcs: RCS low level utilities
* report: provides objects which can be used to generate and format
* rest: a framework for RESTful web services
* ripemd: RIPEMD message-digest algorithm
* sasl: Simple Authentication and Security Layer implementation
* sha1: sha1 hashing functions
* simulation: Tcl simulation tools
* smtpd: implementation of functions needed for an SMTP server
* snit: snit's not incr Tcl, OO system
* soundex: comparison of words based on their phonetic likeness
* stooop: simple Tcl-only object oriented programming scheme -
provides C++/Java-like OOP interfaces
* stringprep: preparation of internationalized strings
* struct: Tcl implementations of common data structures (tree, graph,
* tar: functions to manipulate tar files
* tepam: Tcl's enhanced procedure and argument manager
* term: terminal control
* textutil: string manipulation library
* tie: framework for creating persistent Tcl arrays
* tiff: TIFF image manipulation
* transfer: data transfer facilities
* treeql: tree query language
* try: trap and process errors and exceptions
* uev: user events
* units: convert and manipulate quantities with units
* uri: functions to generate and manipulate commonly-used URIs
* uuid: generator of universally unique identifiers (UUID)
* valtype: validation types
* virtchannel: reflected/virtual channel support
* wip: word interpreter
* yaml: YAML format encoder/decoder
* zip: working with zip archives
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Located in Package: tcllib
ODBC extension for Tcl
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Located in Package: tclodbc
This package is the ODBC extension for Tcl, originally written by Roy Nurmi, Tom Poindexter and Rob Saboye. Provides access to Databases through ODBC connections.
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Located in Package: tclodbc
Extended Tcl (TclX) - shared library
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Located in Package: tclx8.4
TclX 8.4 differs from its predecessors in that it is based more on the idea of TclX as an extension to Tcl, and not an alternate environment. There is no TkX and no stand-alone shells are built. The tkx*8.4 packages therefore don't exist anymore.
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Located in Package: tclx8.4
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