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This port supports all of the distributions from which the Fortran and C versions generate deviates. The major functionalities that are excluded are the multiple generators/splitting facility and antithetic random number generation. These facilities, along with some of the distributions which are included, are probably not of interest except to the very sophisticated user. If there is sufficient interest, the excluded facilities will be included in a future release. The code to perform the excluded facilities is available as randlib in Fortran and C source.
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Located in Package: libmath-random-perl
ProtML is a main program in MOLPHY for inferring evolutionary trees from PROTein (amino acid) sequences by using the Maximum Likelihood method. Other programs (C language)
NucML: Maximum Likelihood Inference of Nucleic Acid Phylogeny
ProtST: Basic Statistics of Protein Sequences
NucST: Basic Statistics of Nucleic Acid Sequences
NJdist: Neighbor Joining Phylogeny from Distance Matrix
Utilities (Perl)
mollist: get identifiers list molrev: reverse DNA sequences
molcat: concatenate sequences molcut: get partial sequences
molmerge: merge sequences nuc2ptn: DNA -> Amino acid
rminsdel: remove INS/DEL sites molcodon: get specified codon sites
molinfo: get varied sites mol2mol: MOLPHY format beautifer
inl2mol: Interleaved -> MOLPHY mol2inl: MOLPHY -> Interleaved
mol2phy: MOLPHY -> Sequential phy2mol: Sequential -> MOLPHY
must2mol: MUST -> MOLPHY etc.
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Located in Package: molphy
MythZoneMinder interfaces with Zoneminder, a CCTV solution. You can view the status of ZoneMinder and watch live camera shots and recorded surveillance footage. This plugins is compiled to work with version 1.22.3 of ZoneMinder, which is also the version found in Debian Sid/Ubuntu Gutsy at the time of writing.
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Located in Package: mythzoneminder
nauty (no automorphisms, yes?) is a set of procedures for determining the automor- phism group of a vertex-coloured graph. It provides this information in the form of a set of generators, the size of the group, and the orbits of the group. It is also able to produce a canonically-labelled isomorph of the graph, to assist in isomorphism testing. This package provides the main command line tool dreadnaut, and some utilities ('gtools'). A C API is also available.
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Located in Package: nauty
ParMetis computes minimal-cut partitions of graphs and meshes in parallel, and orders variables for minimal fill when using direct solvers for sparse matrices. It does all this in parallel, and also can efficiently re-partition a graph or mesh whose connectivity has changed.
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Located in Package: parmetis-test Package: parmetis-doc Package: libparmetis4.0 Package: libparmetis-dev
PCx is a freely available primal-dual interior-point code for linear programming. It implements Mehrotra's predictor-corrector algorithm, the algorithm that forms the basis of most existing interior-point codes for general linear programming. The major computational operation--solution of a linear system with a large, sparse positive definite coefficient matrix--is performed with the sparse Cholesky package of Ng and Peyton (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), with minor modifications to handle small pivot elements. PCx does not solve integer programming problems.
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Located in Package: pcx
The PHYLogeny Inference Package is a package of programs for inferring phylogenies (evolutionary trees) from sequences. Methods that are available in the package include parsimony, distance matrix, and likelihood methods, including bootstrapping and consensus trees. Data types that can be handled include molecular sequences, gene frequencies, restriction sites, distance matrices, and 0/1 discrete characters.
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Located in Package: phylip-doc Package: phylip
Persistance of vision raytracer (3D renderer) include files
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Located in Package: povray-includes
PyGPU is a compiler that lets you write image processing programs in Python that execute on the graphics processing unit (GPU) present in modern graphics cards. This enables image processing algorithms to take advantage of the performance of the GPU. In some applications, performance increases approach an order of magnitude, compared to CPUs.
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Located in Package: python-pygpu
A profiler is a program that describes the run time performance of a program, providing a variety of statistics. This profiler provides deterministic profiling of any Python programs. It also provides a series of report generation tools to allow users to rapidly examine the results of a profile operation.
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Located in Package: python3-profiler Package: python-profiler
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