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For: maverick
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Ubuntu Translators
Project group: Package Descriptions
Translation policy: Restricted
Plural forms: 2
Plural expression:
n != 1
Template description:
The package descriptions for the ubuntu universe packages. Translators: Please translate "ddtp-ubuntu-main" first.


Messages: 57897
Translated: 23538 (40.6549562153%)
Untranslated: 34359 (59.3450437847%)
Shared between Ubuntu and upstream: 21945 (37.903518317%)
Translated differently between Ubuntu and upstream: 964 (1.66502582172%)
Only translated on this side: 629 (1.08641207662%)
Latest contributor:
Hendrik Knackstedt

059.35  40.6549562153% translated  59.3450437847% untranslated

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