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Hello,<br><br>for your safety and the safety of your fellow players, we ask that you not provide your username and password to third-party pages that are not members of Comunio. These are the only official pages or partners of Comunio:<br><br>Web version: <a href='https://%1$s' target='_blank'>%1$s</a><br>Classic web version: <a href='https://%2$s' target='_blank'>%2$s</a><br>Mobile version: <a href='https://%3$s' target='_blank'>%3$s</a><br>Android App: <a href='%4$s' target='_blank'></a><br>IOS App: <a href='%5$s' target='_blank'></a>%6$s%7$s<br><br>We ask you to change your password and to keep it secret. You can change your password by following these steps<br><br>Click on this link: <a href='%8$s' target='_blank'>%8$s</a><br><br>Once you enter your username in that section, an email will be sent to the email address linked to your account in which there will be two links. Once you click on the first link, a screen will open to set a new password.<br><br>Thank you and best regards,<br>Your Comunio Team
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If you are a PRO-Player, you are able to use several functions of the Comunio SOAP Webservice. You need a servicekey to get the access to the operations.
Request the servicekey in the community settings if you are the leader of your community, or ask the leader to do so.
Add the servicekey as an element information item to the SOAP Header element information item in your SOAP-Request (e.g. &lt;servicekey&gt;12345678-ABCD-0000-FEDC-0123456789AB&lt;/servicekey&gt; <a target="_blank" href=""></a>).<br/>
You will find the WSDL here: <a target="_blank" href="http://%s/soapservice.php?wsdl">http://%s/soapservice.php?wsdl</a>
You can use the following SOAP Operations:<br/>
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Manually update provider match IDs of prediction-only-games
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Safety hint
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The %s players with the highest marketvalue gain
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The %s players with the highest marketvalue gain:
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The player is unable to attend for miscellaneous reasons
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