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note: 'Label for general-purpose Cancel buttons.'
note: "Label for the button to decline sharing the computer in 'It2Me' mode."
in: results/cr/remoting/resources/remoting_strings.grd, as IDS_CANCEL
in: results/cr/remoting/resources/remoting_strings.grd, as IDS_SHARE_CONFIRM_DIALOG_DECLINE
ரத்து செய்
Translated by Chad Miller
Located in id: 7658239707568436148; intermediary: cmlpgrid v1
An incompatible protocol version was detected. Please make sure that you have the latest version of the software installed on both computers and try again.
note: 'Error that is shown on the client side when incompatible Chrome Remote Desktop versions are installed on host and client.'
in: results/cr/remoting/resources/remoting_strings.grd, as IDS_ERROR_INCOMPATIBLE_PROTOCOL
in: upstream/cr-46.0.2490.64/remoting/resources/remoting_strings.grd, as IDS_ERROR_INCOMPATIBLE_PROTOCOL
இணக்கமில்லாதப் பதிப்பு கண்டறிப்பட்டது. இரண்டு கணினிகளிலும் சமீபத்திய பதிப்பு நிறுவப்பட்டுள்ளது என்பதை உறுதிசெய்து, மீண்டும் முயற்சிக்கவும்.
Translated by Chad Miller
Located in id: 1002108253973310084; intermediary: cmlpgrid v1
note: "Indicates a 'poor' quality connection."
in: results/cr/remoting/resources/remoting_strings.grd, as IDS_CONNECTION_QUALITY_POOR
in: upstream/cr-46.0.2490.64/remoting/resources/remoting_strings.grd, as IDS_CONNECTION_QUALITY_POOR
Translated by Chad Miller
Located in id: 1050693411695664090; intermediary: cmlpgrid v1
note: "The initial 'category', indicating that the user must select something to continue."
in: results/cr/remoting/resources/remoting_strings.grd, as IDS_FEEDBACK_CATEGORY_SELECT
in: upstream/cr-46.0.2490.64/remoting/resources/remoting_strings.grd, as IDS_FEEDBACK_CATEGORY_SELECT
Translated by Chad Miller
Located in id: 1152528166145813711; intermediary: cmlpgrid v1
Disable remote connections
note: 'Button displayed when the current computer is accepting remote connections. Clicking this button causes it to stop accepting remote connections.'
in: results/cr/remoting/resources/remoting_strings.grd, as IDS_HOME_DAEMON_STOP_BUTTON
in: upstream/cr-46.0.2490.64/remoting/resources/remoting_strings.grd, as IDS_HOME_DAEMON_STOP_BUTTON
தொலைநிலை இணைப்புகளை முடக்கு
Translated by Chad Miller
Located in id: 1199593201721843963; intermediary: cmlpgrid v1
You must enable remote connections if you want to use Chromoting to access this computer.
UNUSED: (not _google_chrome) == False
note: 'Message displayed when the current computer is not accepting remote connections, instructing the user how to enable them.'
in: results/cr/remoting/resources/remoting_strings.grd, as IDS_HOME_DAEMON_START_MESSAGE
in: upstream/cr-46.0.2490.64/remoting/resources/remoting_strings.grd, as IDS_HOME_DAEMON_START_MESSAGE
இந்தக் கணினியை அணுக குரோமோட்டிங்கைப் பயன்படுத்த விரும்பினால், தொலைநிலை இணைப்புகளை நீங்கள் செயலாக்க வேண்டும்.
Translated by Chad Miller
Located in id: 1291443878853470558; intermediary: cmlpgrid v1
Securely access your computers from your Android device.

• On each of your computers, set up remote access using the Chrome Remote Desktop app from Chrome Web Store:
• On your Android device, open the app and tap on any of your online computers to connect.

Remote computers with non US-English keyboards may receive incorrect text input. Support for other keyboard layouts is coming soon!

For information about privacy, please see the Google Privacy Policy ( and the Chrome Privacy Policy (
UNUSED: (is_android or is_ios) == False
note: 'Play Store description of the Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android. [CHAR-LIMIT=4000] [NAME=play_store_description_alternate]'
in: results/cr/remoting/resources/remoting_strings.grd, as IDS_PLAY_STORE_DESCRIPTION_ALTERNATE
in: upstream/cr-46.0.2490.64/remoting/resources/remoting_strings.grd, as IDS_PLAY_STORE_DESCRIPTION_ALTERNATE
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உங்கள் Android சாதனத்திலிருந்து பாதுகாப்பாக உங்கள் கணினிகளை அணுகவும்.

• உங்கள் கணினிகள் ஒவ்வொன்றிலும், Chrome இணைய அங்காடியிலிருந்து பெறக்கூடிய Chrome தொலைநிலை டெஸ்க்டாப் பயன்பாட்டைப் பயன்படுத்தித் தொலைநிலை அணுகலை அமைக்கவும்:
• உங்கள் Android சாதனத்தில், பயன்பாட்டைத் திறந்து, இணைப்பதற்கு உங்கள் ஆன்லைன் கணினிகளில் ஏதேனுமொன்றைத் தட்டவும்.

யுஎஸ் ஆங்கிலம் அல்லாத விசைப்பலகைகள் கொண்ட தொலைநிலைக் கணினிகளில் உரை உள்ளீட்டைத் தவறாகப் பெறலாம். பிற விசைப்பலகை தளவமைப்புகளுக்கான ஆதரவு விரைவில் கிடைக்கும்!

தனியுரிமை பற்றிய தகவலுக்கு, Google தனியுரிமைக் கொள்கை ( மற்றும் Chrome தனியுரிமைக் கொள்கை ( ஆகியவற்றைப் பார்க்கவும்.
Translated by Chad Miller
Located in id: 1300633907480909701; intermediary: cmlpgrid v1
(this feature is not yet available for your computer)
note: "Text displayed below the description of the 'share' or 'host' functionality on an unsupported platform."
in: results/cr/remoting/resources/remoting_strings.grd, as IDS_HOME_SHARE_DESCRIPTION_UNSUPPORTED
in: upstream/cr-46.0.2490.64/remoting/resources/remoting_strings.grd, as IDS_HOME_SHARE_DESCRIPTION_UNSUPPORTED
(இந்த அம்சம் உங்கள் கணினியில் இன்னும் கிடைக்கவில்லை)
Translated by Chad Miller
Located in id: 1324095856329524885; intermediary: cmlpgrid v1
See and control a shared computer.
note: "Description of the 'access' or 'client' functionality, displayed next to a button that instigates an access operation."
in: results/cr/remoting/resources/remoting_strings.grd, as IDS_HOME_ACCESS_DESCRIPTION
in: upstream/cr-46.0.2490.64/remoting/resources/remoting_strings.grd, as IDS_HOME_ACCESS_DESCRIPTION
பகிரப்பட்ட கணினியைக் கண்டு கட்டுப்படுத்தலாம்.
Translated by Chad Miller
Located in id: 1342297293546459414; intermediary: cmlpgrid v1
The requested object does not exist.
note: 'Message shown if the user is is trying to modify an object that does not exist.'
in: results/cr/remoting/resources/remoting_strings.grd, as IDS_ERROR_NOT_FOUND
in: upstream/cr-46.0.2490.64/remoting/resources/remoting_strings.grd, as IDS_ERROR_NOT_FOUND
கோரிய பொருள் இல்லை.
Translated by Chad Miller
Located in id: 1450760146488584666; intermediary: cmlpgrid v1
918 of 278 results

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