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MIME type
note: 'Label of image MIME type grid column.'
in: upstream/cr-28.0.1500.95/webkit/glue/inspector_strings.grd, as IDS_LABEL_OF_IMAGE_MIME_TYPE_GRID_COLUMN
in: upstream/cr-29.0.1547.55/webkit/glue/inspector_strings.grd, as IDS_LABEL_OF_IMAGE_MIME_TYPE_GRID_COLUMN
(no translation yet)
Norwegian Bokmal inspector-strings in Chromium Browser translations by Chad Miller
MIME type
Norwegian Bokmal inspector-strings in Chromium Browser translations by Nils Kristian Tomren
Located in grdsid9001035236599590379; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
Used Heap Size
note: 'Label for a value showing used JavaScript heap size.'
in: upstream/cr-28.0.1500.95/webkit/glue/inspector_strings.grd, as IDS_USED_HEAP_SIZE
in: upstream/cr-29.0.1547.55/webkit/glue/inspector_strings.grd, as IDS_USED_HEAP_SIZE
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid9009901108071066356; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
Tree (Top Down)
note: 'Label indicating that top-down (tree) profile is shown.'
in: upstream/cr-28.0.1500.95/webkit/glue/inspector_strings.grd, as IDS_LABEL_INDICATING_THAT_TOP_DOWN_TREE_PROFILE_IS_SHOWN
in: upstream/cr-29.0.1547.55/webkit/glue/inspector_strings.grd, as IDS_LABEL_INDICATING_THAT_TOP_DOWN_TREE_PROFILE_IS_SHOWN
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid9024433186021205539; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
Enabling profiling will make scripts run slower.
note: 'A warning message about profiling.'
in: upstream/cr-28.0.1500.95/webkit/glue/inspector_strings.grd, as IDS_A_WARNING_MESSAGE_ABOUT_PROFILING
in: upstream/cr-29.0.1547.55/webkit/glue/inspector_strings.grd, as IDS_A_WARNING_MESSAGE_ABOUT_PROFILING
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid9052189679896731945; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
note: "A command for editing table's node contents."
in: upstream/cr-28.0.1500.95/webkit/glue/inspector_strings.grd, as IDS_EDIT
in: upstream/cr-29.0.1547.55/webkit/glue/inspector_strings.grd, as IDS_EDIT
(no translation yet)
Norwegian Bokmal inspector-strings in Chromium Browser translations by Alex
Norwegian Bokmal inspector-strings in Chromium Browser translations by Fredrik S
Norwegian Bokmal inspector-strings in Chromium Browser translations by Felis silvestris
Located in grdsid9065203028668620118; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
note: 'A label for the CPU profiles list (all caps).'
in: upstream/cr-28.0.1500.95/webkit/glue/inspector_strings.grd, as IDS_CPU_PROFILES
in: upstream/cr-29.0.1547.55/webkit/glue/inspector_strings.grd, as IDS_CPU_PROFILES
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid9089819584697017929; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
XHR Breakpoints
note: 'XHR Breakpoints sidebar pane.'
in: upstream/cr-28.0.1500.95/webkit/glue/inspector_strings.grd, as IDS_XHR_BREAKPOINTS_SIDEBAR_PANE
in: upstream/cr-29.0.1547.55/webkit/glue/inspector_strings.grd, as IDS_XHR_BREAKPOINTS_SIDEBAR_PANE
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid9094024956608024774; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
No Application Cache information available.
note: 'A message indicating that no Application Cache information is available'
in: upstream/cr-28.0.1500.95/webkit/glue/inspector_strings.grd, as IDS_NO_APPLICATION_CACHE
in: upstream/cr-29.0.1547.55/webkit/glue/inspector_strings.grd, as IDS_NO_APPLICATION_CACHE
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid9137833494350751475; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
Select audits to run
note: 'Hint about the need of selecting audits to run.'
in: upstream/cr-28.0.1500.95/webkit/glue/inspector_strings.grd, as IDS_HINT_ABOUT_THE_NEED_OF_SELECTING_AUDITS_TO_RUN
in: upstream/cr-29.0.1547.55/webkit/glue/inspector_strings.grd, as IDS_HINT_ABOUT_THE_NEED_OF_SELECTING_AUDITS_TO_RUN
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid9159762225425937606; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
%{COUNT} style change
note: 'Style changes count, singular.'
in: upstream/cr-28.0.1500.95/webkit/glue/inspector_strings.grd, as IDS_STYLE_CHANGE_SINGULAR
in: upstream/cr-29.0.1547.55/webkit/glue/inspector_strings.grd, as IDS_STYLE_CHANGE_SINGULAR
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid9162230117499798906; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
411420 of 423 results

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