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The certificate required by network "%{network_name}" is either not installed or is no longer valid. Please get a new certificate and try connecting again.
UNUSED: (pp_ifdef('chromeos')) == False
note: 'Text in the window used for generating a new network certificate.'
in: upstream/cr-28.0.1500.95/chrome/app/chromeos_strings.grdp, as IDS_NETWORK_ENROLLMENT_HANDLER_INSTRUCTIONS
in: upstream/cr-29.0.1547.55/chrome/app/chromeos_strings.grdp, as IDS_NETWORK_ENROLLMENT_HANDLER_INSTRUCTIONS
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid4476182179945903686; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
(%{UTCOffset}) %{LongTZName} (%{ExemplarCity})
UNUSED: (pp_ifdef('chromeos')) == False
note: 'In the settings tab, the display template of a timezone in the pull-down list of timezones'
in: upstream/cr-28.0.1500.95/chrome/app/chromeos_strings.grdp, as IDS_OPTIONS_SETTINGS_TIMEZONE_DISPLAY_TEMPLATE
in: upstream/cr-29.0.1547.55/chrome/app/chromeos_strings.grdp, as IDS_OPTIONS_SETTINGS_TIMEZONE_DISPLAY_TEMPLATE
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid4977519382416842038; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
Activation of '%{name}' requires a network connection.
UNUSED: (pp_ifdef('chromeos')) == False
note: 'Message when attempting to activate a mobile network that requries a connection'
in: upstream/cr-28.0.1500.95/chrome/app/chromeos_strings.grdp, as IDS_NETWORK_ACTIVATION_NEEDS_CONNECTION
in: upstream/cr-29.0.1547.55/chrome/app/chromeos_strings.grdp, as IDS_NETWORK_ACTIVATION_NEEDS_CONNECTION
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid5883770848257928631; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
Congratulations! Your '%{name}' data service has been activated and is ready to go.
UNUSED: (pp_ifdef('chromeos')) == False
note: 'Text of the cellular activated notification'
in: upstream/cr-28.0.1500.95/chrome/app/chromeos_strings.grdp, as IDS_NETWORK_CELLULAR_ACTIVATED
in: upstream/cr-29.0.1547.55/chrome/app/chromeos_strings.grdp, as IDS_NETWORK_CELLULAR_ACTIVATED
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid8955849174200964295; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
Enable kiosk app settings UI.
UNUSED: (pp_ifdef('chromeos')) == False
note: 'Name for the flag to enable kiosk app settings UI.'
in: upstream/cr-28.0.1500.95/chrome/app/generated_resources.grd, as IDS_FLAGS_ENABLE_KIOSK_APP_SETTINGS_NAME
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid2518757368328448101; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
Enable kiosk app management in settings.
UNUSED: (pp_ifdef('chromeos')) == False
note: 'Description for the flag to enable kiosk app settings UI.'
in: upstream/cr-28.0.1500.95/chrome/app/generated_resources.grd, as IDS_FLAGS_ENABLE_KIOSK_APP_SETTINGS_DESCRIPTION
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid8717200124682002711; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
, '''
note: 'The separator character used in the summary of an address.'
note: 'The separator character used to join multi-line addresses on the Mac.'
in: upstream/cr-28.0.1500.95/chrome/app/generated_resources.grd, as IDS_AUTOFILL_MAC_ADDRESS_LINE_SEPARATOR
in: upstream/cr-28.0.1500.95/chrome/app/generated_resources.grd, as IDS_AUTOFILL_ADDRESS_SUMMARY_SEPARATOR
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid2451353479985491549; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
Never translate %{language}
note: 'Button label shown to never translate a specific language in the translate infobar'
note: 'Text for the menu item to never translate the specified language'
in: upstream/cr-28.0.1500.95/chrome/app/generated_resources.grd, as IDS_TRANSLATE_INFOBAR_OPTIONS_NEVER_TRANSLATE_LANG
in: upstream/cr-28.0.1500.95/chrome/app/generated_resources.grd, as IDS_TRANSLATE_INFOBAR_NEVER_TRANSLATE
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid4095173522596156928; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
&Show in Finder
UNUSED: (is_macosx and not pp_ifdef('use_titlecase')) OR (is_macosx and pp_ifdef('use_titlecase')) == False
note: "In Title Case: Mac: Show the file in the Finder, 'Show in Finder' item"
note: "Mac: Show the file in the Finder, 'Show in Finder' item"
in: upstream/cr-28.0.1500.95/chrome/app/generated_resources.grd, as IDS_DOWNLOAD_MENU_SHOW
in: upstream/cr-28.0.1500.95/chrome/app/generated_resources.grd, as IDS_DOWNLOAD_MENU_SHOW
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid7288427069130638585; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
This page has been translated to %{target_language}
UNUSED: () OR (is_android or pp_ifdef('ios')) OR (is_android) OR (pp_ifdef('android')) == False
note: 'Message that page has been translated to another with server side auto language detection'
note: 'Mobile: Message that page has been translated from one language to another'
in: upstream/cr-28.0.1500.95/chrome/app/generated_resources.grd, as IDS_TRANSLATE_INFOBAR_AFTER_MESSAGE_MOBILE
in: upstream/cr-29.0.1547.55/chrome/app/generated_resources.grd, as IDS_TRANSLATE_INFOBAR_AFTER_MESSAGE_AUTODETERMINED_SOURCE_LANGUAGE
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid8332738786653124905; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
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