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Bookmark Added!
note: 'In Title Case: Title of the bubble after bookmarking a page.'
note: 'Title of the bubble after bookmarking something'
in: upstream/cr-28.0.1500.95/chrome/app/bookmarks_strings.grdp, as IDS_BOOKMARK_BUBBLE_PAGE_BOOKMARKED
in: upstream/cr-29.0.1547.55/chrome/app/bookmarks_strings.grdp, as IDS_BOOKMARK_BUBBLE_PAGE_BOOKMARKED
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid1560991001553749272; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
Export Bookmarks to HTML File...
note: 'In Title Case: Title of the export menu item in the bookmark manager.'
in: upstream/cr-28.0.1500.95/chrome/app/bookmarks_strings.grdp, as IDS_BOOKMARK_MANAGER_EXPORT_MENU
in: upstream/cr-29.0.1547.55/chrome/app/bookmarks_strings.grdp, as IDS_BOOKMARK_MANAGER_EXPORT_MENU
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid1611704746353331382; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
Mobile Bookmarks
note: 'In Title Case: Name shown in the tree for the mobile bookmarks folder'
in: upstream/cr-28.0.1500.95/chrome/app/bookmarks_strings.grdp, as IDS_BOOKMARK_BAR_MOBILE_FOLDER_NAME
in: upstream/cr-29.0.1547.55/chrome/app/bookmarks_strings.grdp, as IDS_BOOKMARK_BAR_MOBILE_FOLDER_NAME
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid213826338245044447; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
Edit Bookmark
note: 'Title of the window the bookmark editor is in.'
in: upstream/cr-28.0.1500.95/chrome/app/bookmarks_strings.grdp, as IDS_BOOKMARK_EDITOR_TITLE
in: upstream/cr-29.0.1547.55/chrome/app/bookmarks_strings.grdp, as IDS_BOOKMARK_EDITOR_TITLE
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid2149973817440762519; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
Other bookmarks
UNUSED: (not pp_ifdef('use_titlecase')) == False
note: 'Name shown in the tree for the other bookmarks folder'
in: upstream/cr-28.0.1500.95/chrome/app/bookmarks_strings.grdp, as IDS_BOOKMARK_BAR_OTHER_FOLDER_NAME
in: upstream/cr-29.0.1547.55/chrome/app/bookmarks_strings.grdp, as IDS_BOOKMARK_BAR_OTHER_FOLDER_NAME
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid2354001756790975382; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
Like this site? Click here to bookmark it!
note: 'Message of bookmark prompt'
in: upstream/cr-28.0.1500.95/chrome/app/bookmarks_strings.grdp, as IDS_BOOKMARK_PROMPT_MESSAGE
in: upstream/cr-29.0.1547.55/chrome/app/bookmarks_strings.grdp, as IDS_BOOKMARK_PROMPT_MESSAGE
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid2370098521997786670; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
For quick access, place your bookmarks here on the bookmarks bar.
note: 'Text shown when the user has no bookmarks'
in: upstream/cr-28.0.1500.95/chrome/app/bookmarks_strings.grdp, as IDS_BOOKMARKS_NO_ITEMS
in: upstream/cr-29.0.1547.55/chrome/app/bookmarks_strings.grdp, as IDS_BOOKMARKS_NO_ITEMS
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid2557899542277210112; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
Open in &incognito window
UNUSED: (not pp_ifdef('use_titlecase')) == False
note: 'Menu description for opening bookmark in incognito window'
in: upstream/cr-28.0.1500.95/chrome/app/bookmarks_strings.grdp, as IDS_BOOKMARK_BAR_OPEN_INCOGNITO
in: upstream/cr-29.0.1547.55/chrome/app/bookmarks_strings.grdp, as IDS_BOOKMARK_BAR_OPEN_INCOGNITO
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid2603463522847370204; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
Are you sure you want to open %{TAB_COUNT} tabs?
note: 'Message in the message box shown if user asks to open a lot of bookmarks in a folder'
in: upstream/cr-28.0.1500.95/chrome/app/bookmarks_strings.grdp, as IDS_BOOKMARK_BAR_SHOULD_OPEN_ALL
in: upstream/cr-29.0.1547.55/chrome/app/bookmarks_strings.grdp, as IDS_BOOKMARK_BAR_SHOULD_OPEN_ALL
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid2897878306272793870; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
Open All Bookmarks in &Incognito Window
note: 'In Title Case: Menu description for opening all urls in a bookmark folder in an incognito window'
in: upstream/cr-28.0.1500.95/chrome/app/bookmarks_strings.grdp, as IDS_BOOKMARK_BAR_OPEN_ALL_INCOGNITO
in: upstream/cr-29.0.1547.55/chrome/app/bookmarks_strings.grdp, as IDS_BOOKMARK_BAR_OPEN_ALL_INCOGNITO
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid3011362742078013760; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
1120 of 5232 results

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