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No SAML request received
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Located in templates/ubuntu_sso_saml/no_saml.html:10 templates/ubuntu_sso_saml/no_saml.html:14
Sorry, Ubuntu One is unable to handle the request.
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Located in templates/ubuntu_sso_saml/no_saml.html:19 templates/ubuntu_sso_saml/saml_remote_not_found.html:19
This page is not intended for direct access.
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Referred from URL: <span class="samlerror__badurl">%(http_referer)s</span>
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Located in templates/ubuntu_sso_saml/no_saml.html:23
Please contact the administrator of the referring service and report this error.
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Located in templates/ubuntu_sso_saml/no_saml.html:24
Unable to process SAML request or attempt
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Located in templates/ubuntu_sso_saml/saml_remote_not_found.html:10 templates/ubuntu_sso_saml/saml_remote_not_found.html:14
The service requesting authentication is not known to Ubuntu One.
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Located in templates/ubuntu_sso_saml/saml_remote_not_found.html:20
Requested service URL: <span class="samlerror__badurl">%(acs_url)s</span>
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Located in templates/ubuntu_sso_saml/saml_remote_not_found.html:21
Please file a bug at <a href="">our Launchpad project's bug tracker</a> and include the above information and any details of the service you're trying to integrate.
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Located in templates/ubuntu_sso_saml/saml_remote_not_found.html:22
19 of 9 results

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