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Invalid operation
TRANSLATORS: This is a dialog title. It informs the user they did
* something wrong, followed by a specific description.
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Located in btnd.c:330
Save configuration to file?
TRANSLATORS: This is a dialog title. It asks the user whether they
* want to save the current configuration to a file. (This is a specific
* file, it's name cannot be specified by the user)
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Located in callbacks_config.c:88
Error: invalid configuration name
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Located in callbacks_config.c:172 callbacks_config.c:178
Could not create a version stamp file.
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Located in callbacks_config.c:499
Configuration file save error
(no translation yet)
Located in config.c:572
Already assigned?
TRANSLATORS: "This should be short. Abbreviate if
* necessary. It is a table column title. A fuller title in English would
* be something along the lines of: "Has this button already been assigned
* (or associated) with a certain signal?"
(no translation yet)
Located in dialog_btnd.c:70
Force immediate button release
TRANSLATORS: this refers to a setting a user can set, which forces
* the program to send a mouse or keyboard button release signal right after
* a pressed signal is sent. This means the button cannot be held down.
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Located in text.h:113
btnx failed to start. uinput handlers could not be opened. Make sure your system has uinput kernel modules.
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Located in text.h:170
A modifier key for the keycode. This key is sent with the main key to modify its behavior. Examples: shift, alt, ctrl.
TRANSLATORS: this describes to the user what a modifier key is. The modifier
* key is a key such as shift, alt, ctrl. The keycode is a keyboard or button
* name. Example: KEY_PAGEUP for a "Page Up" key. The main key refers to the
* keycode (the key that is sent with a modifier key. For example, in
* Ctrl+Alt+B the main key would be "B".
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Located in text.h:192
Press the button above to start the detection process. Once the test has started, DO NOT move your mouse or press its buttons until told to do so.
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Located in text.h:292
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