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Unspecified tar execution failure.
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Located in callbacks_config.c:504 callbacks_config.c:551
Possibly broken or invalid backup file.
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Located in callbacks_config.c:540
The backup configuration is from an incompatible version of btnx. Restore operation cancelled.
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Located in callbacks_config.c:545
Delay must be a whole number
TRANSLATORS: the "delay" refers to an interval of time that
* must pass before something else happens. The whole number refers
* to an integer, meaning a number that does not have decimal
* places. For example, 1.5 or 99,90 are invalid values
(no translation yet)
Located in config.c:268
No keycode by that name exists.
TRANSLATORS: keycode refers to the name of a button (keyboard
* or mouse button) that is used internally by the Linux kernel.
* Examples: KEY_PAGEUP refers to the "Page Up" key on a keyboard.
* BTN_LEFT refers to the left mouse button. Make sure this is
* translated exactly the same as other references to "keycode" in
* this program.
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Located in config.c:324
TRANSLATORS: "Clicks" refers to a number of presses that a user has
* performed on a mouse button. This should be short. Abbreviate if
* necessary. It is a table column title.
(no translation yet)
Located in dialog_btnd.c:58
Already assigned?
TRANSLATORS: "This should be short. Abbreviate if
* necessary. It is a table column title. A fuller title in English would
* be something along the lines of: "Has this button already been assigned
* (or associated) with a certain signal?"
(no translation yet)
Located in dialog_btnd.c:70
That rawcode has already been assigned to the button "%s". Try another one.
(no translation yet)
Located in dialog_btnd.c:190
Help support not compiled.
(no translation yet)
Located in help.c:39
Free-scroll mode
TRANSLATORS: free-scroll mode refers to MX Revolution mouse's wheel mode,
* when it scrolls without friction.
(no translation yet)
Located in text.h:123
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