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How much of the previous layer to blend into this one
:src: bpy.types.ActionActuator.layer_weight
(no translation yet)
How this layer is blended with previous layers
:src: bpy.types.ActionActuator.blend_mode
(no translation yet)
Minimum angle to maintain with target direction (no correction is done if angle with target direction is between min and max)
:src: bpy.types.ConstraintActuator.angle_min
(no translation yet)
Maximum angle allowed with target direction (no correction is done if angle with target direction is between min and max)
:src: bpy.types.ConstraintActuator.angle_max
(no translation yet)
Editor Type
:src: bpy.types.Area.type
(no translation yet)
Current editor type for this area
:src: bpy.types.Area.type
(no translation yet)
3D viewport
:src: bpy.types.Area.type:'VIEW_3D'
:src: bpy.types.KeyMap.space_type:'VIEW_3D'
:src: bpy.types.Space.type:'VIEW_3D'
(no translation yet)
Timeline and playback controls
:src: bpy.types.Area.type:'TIMELINE'
:src: bpy.types.KeyMap.space_type:'TIMELINE'
:src: bpy.types.Space.type:'TIMELINE'
(no translation yet)
Edit drivers and keyframe interpolation
:src: bpy.types.Area.type:'GRAPH_EDITOR'
:src: bpy.types.KeyMap.space_type:'GRAPH_EDITOR'
:src: bpy.types.Space.type:'GRAPH_EDITOR'
(no translation yet)
Dope Sheet
:src: bpy.types.Area.type:'DOPESHEET_EDITOR'
:src: bpy.types.DopeSheet
:src: bpy.types.KeyMap.space_type:'DOPESHEET_EDITOR'
:src: bpy.types.Space.type:'DOPESHEET_EDITOR'
:src: bpy.types.SpaceDopeSheetEditor.mode:'DOPESHEET'
:src: bpy.types.SpaceDopeSheetEditor.dopesheet
:src: bpy.types.SpaceGraphEditor.dopesheet
:src: bpy.types.SpaceNLA.dopesheet
:src: bpy.types.Theme.theme_area:'DOPESHEET_EDITOR'
:src: bpy.types.Theme.dopesheet_editor
(no translation yet)
110 of 1326 results

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