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-h, --help Print this help message
-d, --debug Print additional debug info
-v, --verbose Level of verbosity, Multiple v's will increase
-V, --version Display the version information and exit

-c, --config=FILE Use configuration file 'FILE'
-F, --logtype=TYPE Log type. TYPE = (clf | ftp | squid |
combined | domino | auto)
-m num Visit timout value (seconds)
-Z num Number of Months in Main Index

-f, --fold Fold sequence errors
-i, --ignore_history Ignore history file
-p, --preserve_state Preserve state (incremental)
-o, --output=DIR Output directory to use
-T, --timing Print timing information

-Y Suppress country graph
-G Suppress hourly graph
-H Suppress hourly stats
-L Suppress color coded graph legends
-l Suppress background lines on graph

-n name hostname to use
-t name report title 'name'
-a name hide user agent 'name'
-r name hide referrer 'name'
-s name hide site 'name'
-u name hide URL 'name'
-x name Use filename extension 'name'
-P name Page type extension 'name'
-I name Index alias 'name'

-A --top_agents=num Display num top agents
-C --top_countries=num Display num top countries
-R --top_refers=num Display num top referrers
-S --top_sites=num Display num top sites
-U --top_urls=num Display num top URLs
-e --top_entry=num Display num top Entry Pages
-E --top_exit=num Display num top Exit Pages
-g num Group Domains to 'num' levels

--seg_country=COUNTRY Segment based on the Country
--seg_referer=REFERER Segment based on the Referal Text

-X Hide individual sites
-M num Mangle Agent Level (0-6; 0=disable)

--use_geoip Enable GeoIP lookups
--match_counts Display the various Group/Hide etc Match Counts
--disable_file_checks Disable File Sytem Checks for Monthly Reports
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55 of 526 results

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