WordPress in Launchpad translation group

Administered by Nikolay Bachiyski

This group is for translating WordPress only. Some translation teams for WordPress use Launchpad; others don't. This group contains only those WordPress language teams that use Launchpad. If you wish to use Launchpad for translating WordPress, please contact the appropriate translation team as listed on If no team exists, set it up there first, then ask to be added to this translation group.

Translation teams

Language Team/Supervisor Guidelines Appointed
Asturian (ast) WordPress Asturian Translators with 4 members 2008-11-06
Azerbaijani (az) WordPress Azerbaijan Translators with 59 members 2009-07-29
Basque (eu) WordPress Basque Translators with 1 members 2008-09-05
Chinese (Simplified) (zh_CN) WordPress Chinese Group with 4 members 2008-10-30
Croatian (hr) WordPress Croatian Translators with 10 members 2009-01-23
Divehi (dv) Ubuntu Dhivehi Translators with 56 members 2010-01-04
Dutch (nl) Wordpress-Ned-Dutch with 9 members 2008-06-23
Faroese (fo) WordPress Faroese Translators with 9 members 2009-01-23
Greek (el) WordPress Greek Translators with 5 members 2008-07-23
Gujarati (gu) suniyo 2009-12-15
Hindi (hi) Hindi Localization Team with 14 members 2008-08-07
Kabyle (kab) Wordpress s teqbaylit with 13 members 2009-01-05
Kashubian (csb) Ubuntu Kashubian Translators with 3 members 2009-02-03
Kurdish (ku) Wordpress Kurdish (Kurmanji) with 5 members 2008-07-29
Kurdish, Central (ckb) WordPress in Kurdish(sorani) with 7 members 2008-06-02
Luxembourgish (lb) WordPress Luxembourgish Translators with 4 members 2010-08-13
Mongolian (mn) WordPress Mongolian Translations with 12 members 2010-01-04
Nepali (ne) Registry Administrators with 5 members 2009-08-05
Polish (pl) WordPress Polish Translators with 1 members 2008-08-18
Sinhalese (si) Wordpress Sinhala with 10 members 2008-05-08
Slovenian (sl) Slovenian launchpad translation team with 6 members 2011-02-13
Telugu (te) (INACTIVE) WordPress Telugu Translators with 18 members 2009-12-15
Thai (th) Thatthep Vorrasing 2008-07-29

Projects using this group

Projects listed here are using WordPress in Launchpad to manage their translations through the respective translation teams.