webtrees translators translation group

Administered by fisharebest

This group manages translations for webtrees project.

Translation teams

Language Team/Supervisor Guidelines Appointed
Arabic (ar) webtrees-ar with 2 members
Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) webtrees-pt-br with 2 members
Catalan (ca) webtrees-ca with 2 members
Chinese (Simplified) (zh_CN) webtrees-zh-cn with 3 members
Croatian (hr) webtrees-hr with 3 members
Czech (cs) webtrees-cs with 3 members
Danish (da) webtrees-da with 4 members
Dutch (nl) webtrees-nl with 3 members
English (Australia) (en_AU) webtrees-en-au with 1 members
English (United Kingdom) (en_GB) webtrees-en-gb with 2 members
Estonian (et) webtrees-et with 2 members
Finnish (fi) webtrees-fi with 3 members
French (fr) webtrees-fr with 6 members
French (Canada) (fr_CA) webtrees-fr-ca with 2 members
German (de) webtrees-de with 6 members
Greek (el) webtrees-el with 3 members
Hebrew (he) webtrees-he with 3 members
Hungarian (hu) webtrees-hu with 3 members
Icelandic (is) webtrees-is with 2 members
Indonesian (id) webtrees-id with 3 members
Italian (it) webtrees-it with 2 members
Lithuanian (lt) webtrees-lt with 2 members
Norwegian Nynorsk (nn) webtrees-nn with 2 members
Persian (fa) webtrees-fa with 3 members
Polish (pl) webtrees-pl with 3 members
Portuguese (pt) webtrees-pt with 3 members
Romanian (ro) webtrees-ro with 2 members
Russian (ru) webtrees-ru with 2 members
Serbian (sr) webtrees-sr with 1 members
Slovak (sk) webtrees-sk with 3 members
Slovenian (sl) webtrees-sl with 1 members
Spanish (es) webtrees-es with 2 members
Swedish (sv) webtrees-sv with 4 members
Tatar (tt) webtrees-tt with 2 members
Turkish (tr) webtrees-tr with 3 members
Vietnamese (vi) webtrees-vi with 2 members

Projects using this group

Projects listed here are using webtrees translators to manage their translations through the respective translation teams.